Codaisseur::Conf 2018 Call for Papers 25 - 26 October

A Conference by Codaisseurs

This year we are trying something new. With over 150 graduates working at some 105 different tech companies of all sizes, there is so much knowledge and experience available in our community that we would like to give the stage to all of you. We can't wait to learn from your experience, and from your colleagues!

At Codaisseur Conf we see 2 parallel tracks with talks about everything modern developers experience in their daily lives. Technical topics on how to overcome certain tech challenges together with talks on workflow, how to deal with distractions, clients, communication channels, mentoring, support, diversity, etc. The floor is yours! And if talks are not your thing, there is also the 2 day Hackathon (see below).

Call for Papers Now Open

Codaisseur Conf can accommodate up to 2 parallel tracks, with 5 to 7 talks per track. That means there are about 25 slots available on the 25th and 26th of October combined. You will take care of the content, and we will take care of the organisation (and, of course, the afterparty!)

Codaisseur Conf is a great way to get you started on becoming a conference speaking dev – for you, but also for your colleagues!
Doing a talk at a conference is about as high as you can rise as a developer.

Submit Your Talks Before September 1st

Do you have an idea for a talk at the conference? Send us an outline of your talk and/or a few slides before 1st September 2018. We will announce the final list of speakers throughout September.

Topic Ideas

We will accept topics ranging from hard core programming to software architecture, but we also value softer topics like communication, workflow, dealing with clients, diversity challenges, and so on. Ideally, it will be a good mix of everything!

Impostor Syndrome | ɪmˈpɒstə ˈsɪndrəʊm | A psychological pattern in which some Codaisseur graduates doubt their accomplishments and have a persistent, often internalized fear of being exposed as a "fraud" (Not to be confused with Capgras delusion, in which a person believes that a loved one has been replaced by an impostor). This could be an interesting topic for a talk. Picture Credit: Boudewijn from #16 was a designer and made this image to support his class mates.

Codaisseur Conf's 2 Day Hackathon

If talks are not your thing, and you would rather get your hands dirty, then the Hackathon is for you! Build cool apps and win great prizes. Many successful products started out on conference hackathons!

Do your work on a (public) API that might be of interest during the Hackathon? Let us know!

Save the Date!

Whatever you decide to do, save the dates 25 - 26 October! We will start ticket sales soon, so stay tuned.



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